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What to Expect

As a person-centred counsellor, my goal is to empower you to find your own way forward.   It is important to stress that we will be finding your way forward, not what I think or what other people close to you think.   Central to person-centred theory is the belief that every person is the ‘expert’ on themselves and, given the right conditions, can find their way towards whatever is right for them.  My role is to provide those conditions. 


As an integrative counsellor, I am also trained to used concepts from other types of therapy including elements of psychodynamic, transactional analysis and some creative methods.

In our sessions,  I will help you explore, safely and in confidence, the challenges that you are facing and the emotions you are struggling with.  I understand that this may sound daunting but I will only focus on what you want to examine at the pace and depth at which you are comfortable.  I will listen with empathy, compassion and without judgment.   

Being in this space can be transformative.


Some find strength in having a companion, someone who truly understands, to walk alongside them and help them adjust to a new normality. 


 Others find that giving themselves time and space, with a person that sees and accepts them,  enables them to reconnect and trust themselves again.  


 Some, who haven't felt able to share anywhere else, find relief and peace in being able to explore, in confidence and without judgment, their own behaviours and feelings.  


Others discover what lies behind their struggles and are able to move from a place of self-judgement to self-acceptance. 


Everyone is unique so what they need and gain from counselling will be different but I believe that everyone, even in their darkest moments, has the capacity to heal and move forward with positivity.     

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